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Lost Cemetery
System(s): Large attraction
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1-12
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Large attraction
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Lost Cemetery (失われた墓地), also known as Horror Ride (ホラーライド), is a large attraction developed by Sega AM5 for Sega's Joypolis indoor theme parks in the late 1990s. It simulates a ghost train-type experience by displaying a four minute long CG ridefilm in front of riders.[2]


Lost Cemetery is best described as a simulation ghost train, making use of an accelerated rail track, six two seater trolleys, and a projected ridefilm. While the trolleys progress through the track, a CG film of a underground graveyard is projected in front of the two riders, with their self-propelled motion speeding up and down in accordance with the film.[2]



First installed at Kyoto Joypolis in September 1997, Lost Cemetery would appear twice thereafter at Tokyo Joypolis in April 1998[3] and Okayama Joypolis in July 1998.[4] At these locations, the attraction was renamed Horror Ride,[5][6] however it is not likely that there were many notable differences to the ride's contents.[7] It was later removed from all three parks during the early 2000s.

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