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System(s): Large attraction
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 1-30
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Large attraction
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Aquarena (アクアリーナ) is a large attraction developed by Sega AM5 for use in Sega's Joypolis venues during the late 1990s and 2000s. It used an early version of the technology later seen in Fish Life to provide an interactive aquarium environment for visitors.[1]


Aquarena is a virtual aquarium attraction, which can hold a capacity of up to 30 people. In it, three large 100-inch screens and several other smaller monitors simulate various types of fish through the use of computer-generated imagery. These, including sperm whales and dolphins, can be interacted with through the use of touch-screen technology.[3]



The first installation of Aquarena was at Kyoto Joypolis as part of its September 1997 opening.[2] By June 1999, the attraction had been relocated to the second floor of Tokyo Joypolis,[4] where it would remain into the 2000s. Technology inspired by Aquarena appears to still remain in the park as side attractions, and its success ensured a larger scale modified version as part of the Fish "on" Chips restaurant in Oasis Park.[1]


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