Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 32
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Ghost Hunters (ゴーストハンターズ) (subtitled Labyrinth of Poisonous Moth in Japan) is a 3-minute long ride designed by Sega for its theme park installations in the mid-1990s. It combines the traditional haunted house attraction with an augmented reality rail shooting video game.


Players are volunteer "Ghost Hunters" at the Institute for Spirit Extermination. Director Harold and his assistant Jennifer welcome the players for routine training, when an emergency suddenly occurs: the Arthur family's home on 7th Avenue is overrun with ghosts. Players mount one of sixteen "Turbo Buster" ride vehicles, which are equipped with a special spiritual barrier and autopilot, and use their "blaster beams" to rid the house of its ghost infestation.


Ghost Hunters consists of sixteen two-seater ride vehicles which automatically travel on a track through an elaborate haunted house environment. On the front of each vehicle are two light guns and a large, concave perspex shield which acts as both a windshield and a mirror. As each car maneuvers around the track, CGI ghosts and light gun effects are projected onto the perspex screen and also onto various parts of the ride's scenery to create augmented reality illusions.

Each player is tasked with using their lightgun to shoot the ghosts as quickly as possible, while traveling through spooky scenes which are a mixture of digital and practical effects -- including "breathing" walls and overhead air cannons which blow down onto unsuspecting riders. The amount and type of ghosts change depending on the players' performance. The "final boss" of the ride is a moth-like creature named Gorgon. If Gorgon is defeated, a photo is snapped of the player who dealt the final blow and printed on a mock newspaper article, which is given to the "hero" as a souvenir. [1] Each ride cycle carries players around the circuit twice.


Like many of Sega's larger attractions, Ghost Hunters made its debut at Yokohama Joypolis before being installed in other Sega theme parks. Copies of the ride existed at Segaworld London, Osaka ATC Galbo, and Sega World Sydney, all of which are now defunct. Currently, the only Ghost Hunters unit known to be in operation is at Haiiland, a resort in India which purchased the ride from Sega World Sydney after its closure.[2]



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