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Ichikawa Galbo
Location: 鬼高1-1-1, ニッケコルトンプラザ, 市川, 千葉県, Japan
Opened: 1994-11-30[1]
Closed: 1999-03

Ichikawa Galbo (市川ガルボ) is a former Galbo venue opened by Sega. Located in the Nikke Colton Plaza shopping complex and launched in November 1994,[2] Ichikawa Galbo was the second Galbo and the third of Sega's Amusement Theme Park venues. It is believed to have became a game centre in 1996, later closing permanently in 1999.[3]


After launching the original two venues under the Amusement Theme Park concept, Osaka ATC Galbo and Yokohama Joypolis, Sega continued working towards achieving its tentative target of 100 indoor theme park locations across the world. The third, Ichikawa Galbo, opened at the end of November 1994 in the Nikke Colton Plaza shopping complex. It contained several attractions previously debuted in the original two parks during the first half of the year, including the second installation of VR-1.[4]

The Osaka and Ichikawa Galbo lcoations were joined by a third, Yokkaichi Galbo, by March 1995, however the two newer branches both proved to perform poorly.[5] In a restructuring that would render them game centres and discontinue further use of the Galbo scheme, Yokkaichi had its attractions and entry fees removed at the end of the year, with Ichikawa's under consideration of also being scrapped - this likely happened during the first half of 1996.[5] Ichikawa Galbo is believed to have later closed permanently in 1999.[3]



Name Branding Date
Ichikawa Galbo (市川ガルボ) Galbo 1994-11-30
Closed 1999-03

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