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Galbo (ガルボ) was a small-scale chain of indoor theme parks in Japan created by Sega. The chain initiated the Amusement Theme Park concept in April 1994 with Osaka ATC Galbo,[1] later expanding to other regions with Ichikawa and Yokkaichi. Alongside the flagship Yokohama Joypolis, the parks were the first venues created by Sega to house multiple mid-size and large attractions.

A re-evaluation of the chain occurred in late 1995 as a result of poorer than expected visitor numbers, leading to the Yokkaichi and eventually Ichikawa sites scrapping entry fees and attractions to become game centres.[2] Planned locations for Fukuoka and Shinjuku[2] later became Joypolis venues, effectively discontinuing the naming scheme. By the late 1990s, Ichikawa's Galbo had closed and Osaka ATC also had its attractions removed, with it and the Yokkaichi venue becoming officially known as Sega World locations until their own late 2000s closures.

"Galbo" is a portmanteau of "Gala" and "Box".[3]





Galbo venues in Japan
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