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Sega World or SegaWorld is a common name given to indoor theme parks and amusement arcades sponsored or created by Sega. There have been many Sega Worlds all over the globe, most of which were established in the 1990s during the "peak" of Sega's success as a home console and arcade manufacturer. At the time, the company's ambitions was to become one of the largest "entertainment" companies on the planet, rivaling the likes of Disney, and Sega Worlds were seen as a piece of the puzzle.

Sega Worlds typically house arcade machines, primarily those made by Sega, but also by third-party manufacturers. In some locations Sega has also maintained indoor rides and food outlets. The name "Sega World" appears to be the top choice for larger installations - smaller arcades are often named Sega Park (with some Sega Worlds becoming Sega Parks). Sega Worlds were the most likely place to find the larger Sega arcade installations, for example, the AS-1.

The majority of Sega Worlds have failed to generate the revenue required to keep them open, with many being cut-back, bought out or closed down completely in recent years. The worldwide arcade market began to shrink considerably towards the end of the end of the 1990s thanks to the introduction of more powerful home video game consoles and computers, and compiled with the financial issues Sega went through during the early 2000s, the vast majority of these theme parks were closed during the mid-2000s.





This inflatable "Sega World" was also used across the United Kindgom for events. It houses about five large arcade cabinets.