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In Japan, Sega World (セガワールド) is a chain of indoor video arcades owned and operated by Sega.

Sega Worlds began opening across the country in the late 1990s, possibly as a replacement for the Hi-Tech Land Sega chain, though is generally associated with "medium-sized" arcades often situated in new builds commisioned by Sega. The concept appears to have been reasonably successful, as at its peak nearly 100 Sega Worlds were in operation, and were used as a basis for Sega-owned arcades overseas (particularly in the UK, where the likes of Sega World Bournemouth and SegaWorld London borrow the naming scheme).

Sega Worlds can be quite large, but do not typically house special attractions as seen in Joypolis parks. Several were rennovated in the mid-2000s, though towards the end of the decade the name fell out of use in favour of general "Sega" arcades, fulfilling much the same purpose.



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