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In Japan, Sega World (セガワールド) was a chain of game centers created by Sega.

The Sega World name originated in Japan, originally used for a small number of family-oriented venues in Ito Yokado department stores during 1989, including Sega World Ito Yokado Obihiro and Sega World Ito Yokado Toyohashi. It then returned in 1990 for Sega World Tokyo Roof and further centers aimed at families like O2 Park Sega World, successfully creating a template that would be borrowed and retooled for the expansion of Sega's amusement venues into other countries over the course of the decade.

Usage of the name in Japan by time of the mid 1990s was usually for large out of town buildings commissioned by Sega, characterised by their bright décor. By this time, hundreds of Sega Worlds are thought to have been opened, making it the predominant chain of amusement venues created by the company in their home country. However, a proportion of these later closed during a company-wide restructure during the early 2000s. Eventually, new venues stopped opening altogether throughout Japan by 2004.

After a logo redesign in the early 2000s, Sega began experimenting with the established Sega World formula, opening more centers in indoor retail locations. Towards the start of the 2010s, the name fell out of use in favour of general "Sega" game centers, fulfilling much the same purpose. Many of the remaining Sega Worlds have since been rebranded accordingly.

In January of 2022, Genda GiGO announced it had acquired all of Sega's remaining arcade company shares. All Sega Worlds were renamed under the GiGO brand accordingly, this in turn established the fate of Sega World as a chain and no more venues remain.





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