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CCD Cart
System(s): Large attraction
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
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Large attraction
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CCD Cart (CCDカート) is a large attraction developed by Sega. It uses similar CCD camera technology to the earlier Sega Super Circuit attraction to provide a real life dot-eat game with bumper carts to riders,[2] and was only installed at a select few venues in Japan during the early 1990s.


CCD Cart is best described as a physical version of "dot eat" games like Pac-Man, achieving this through its use of 1.38m wide, 2.06m deep and 1.55m high bumper cart enclosures, running on batteries and equipped with CCD cameras that output the view from the front to a monitor inside.[2] These allow riders to see and run over sensor-actuated dots marked on the playing field virtually, which can be freely adjusted in size depending on the location.[2] The aim of the game is, presumably, to run over as many of these as possible.



Alongside Cyber Dome, CCD Cart was one of two early attractions in development at Sega during the late 1980s and early 1990s, which would serve as test precursors to the more widely installed examples later found in the Joypolis indoor theme parks.[3] As such, both were only intended to be installed at larger amusement facilities opened in Japan at that time.


CCD Cart's first public appearance in operation was planned to be alongside Cyber Dome at Amusement Machine Show 1990,[2] however only one cart from the attraction appears to have been showcased.[4] It was then first installed at the former Carnival (now Sega Tokyo Dome City) game center in late 1990,[5] later going on to play a part in Sega's En-Joint concept[5] and feature in Sega World Cospal upon the venue's opening in September 1991.[6] It is not known if CCD Cart reached any other venues, though if it did, it was most likely no longer in operation by the mid 1990s.

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Print advert in Game Machine (JP) #390: "1990-10-15" (1990-10-15)


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