Mad Bazooka

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Mad Bazooka
Publisher: Sega
Number of players: 2-12
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Mad Bazooka (マッド・バズーカ) is a medium-scale attraction designed by Sega AM4 for Sega's large indoor theme parks.

It is a 3.5 minute long indoor bumper car ride/target-shooting game consisting of ten "Mad Carts", divided into two teams, in a 352 sq. meter arena. Each cart seats two people; one driver and one shooter. The driver collects colorful foam balls littering the floor of the arena by driving over them, while the shooter uses a pneumatic cannon mounted on the front of the vehicle to fire the balls – up to 8 per second at speeds of 80 mph - at targets on top of the other cars. Hitting the targets increases the team's score, which is displayed on an LED screen inside the vehicle.

After the game is completed, the winning team is declared, and a variety of statistics (i.e. the number of hits, contribution to the team, rank within the team, etc.) are totaled for each cart and printed out on a scorecard for the player to keep as a souvenir. Although usually played as a team game, Mad Bazooka also included settings for individual battle and team-switching modes.[1]

Like many of Sega's medium-scale attractions, Mad Bazooka made its debut at Joypolis Yokohama before being installed in SegaWorld London and Sega World Sydney. Since all of these venues have since closed, no operating Mad Bazooka units are known to be currently in service.



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