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Okayama Joypolis
Location: 岡山県岡山市下石井2丁目10番1号, Japan
Opened: 1998-07-18[1]
Closed: 2018-09-02[2]

Okayama Joypolis (岡山ジョイポリス) was a Joypolis indoor amusement theme park opened by Sega in July 1998. Its attractions and other facilities, including a Sonic Bowl, were later removed during 2008, rendering the centre a large game centre until its closure in September 2018, leaving Tokyo Joypolis as the final Joypolis venue in operation.


The seventh Joypolis venue opened by Sega, Okayama Joypolis opened on 18 July 1998 as a part of the Joyful Town complex ran by Ito-Yokado.[1] Unlike the previous six Joypolis locations, it did not contain any new attractions upon opening, with all of them having previously appeared at other venues in the months beforehand. It is claimed by some sources that Sega originally did not intend to develop a Joypolis location at the site, only doing so at the request of Joyful Town's managers.[3]

Interior of Okayama Joypolis in July 1998

The venue featured golden American-themed décor with large amounts of bespoke Sonic the Hedgehog signage, particularly in the extra Sonic Bowl facilities found on site on the third floor. A Dippin' Dots outlet, Sega Kara rooms and indoor play equipment for children could also be found in the park, as well as unrelated fast-food tenants such as Mos Burger within its outside exterior. It had become one of the three final original Joypolis parks located in Japan alongside the flagship Tokyo Joypolis branch and Umeda Joypolis by September 2002.

Though it still received frequent updates to its line-up of coin-operated arcade machines, Okayama rarely had any new attractions installed after the downscaling of Sega's amusement theme park operations in the early 2000s.

On 23 March 2008, all of the remaining attractions were removed from the venue[4], effectively turning the venue from an indoor theme park to a large game center. Its extra bowling and karaoke facilities were also closed just under four months later on 17 July[4], nearly 10 years to the day they had been originally opened.

The ownership of this specific venue was transitioned off to Sega Entertainment in 2012, due to its status as a large game venue, meaning that Sega still had direct management after China Animations Character Co. acquired a majority stake in Sega Live Creation in 2016.

The venue closed on 2 September 2018 due to large-scale redevelopment of its premises and was demolished shortly afterwards in November.[2]



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