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Sega Arena Hamaotsu
Location: 滋賀県大津市浜町2番1号 浜大津アーカス AM館, Japan
Opened: 1998-04-23[1]
Closed: 2014-03-30[2]

Sega Arena Hamaotsu (セガアリーナ浜大津) is a former Sega Arena venue opened by Sega. The second centre to launch under the scheme in April 1998,[1] it was initially relatively successful, however has since closed permanently.


Located in the Hamaotsu A-Qus complex, Sega Arena Hamaotsu was the second Sega Arena venue, opening a year after Sega Arena Padou. It originally made use of a festival theme and contained 200 coin-operated amusement machines and a number of attractions,[1] including Aqua Nova.[3]

Like much of the other Sega Arena complexes, parts of the centre's original theming and attractions were later removed during the 2000s, with it instead operating as a game centre until its closure in March 2014. Some of its former space was redeveloped to become a Round 1 bowling alley and game centre by October of the same year.[4]



Name Branding Date
Sega Arena Hamaotsu (セガ アリーナ 浜大津) Sega Arena 1998-04-23
Closed 2014-03-30


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