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  • more career info for notable people (Yu Suzuki, Mie Kumagai, Rikiya Nakagawa, Hisao Oguchi, mysterious AM4/AM5/AM6 devs as well as head guys like Shoichiro Irimajiri + Hayao Nakayama)
  • history of the main AM divisions besides AM2
  • figure out what the hell really came of the early 2000s business strategy (New Business Headquarters, Animanium, fishes, business tie-ups, driving school simulators, even foot/back massagers - fun times)
  • expand on Japan arcade titles to best extent (recent titles, dead network card games, i-mode functions if i care enough)
  • get round to interviewing Virtuality people - best bet on Mega Visor Display and Net Merc insight
  • cover GameWorks 100% - all venues listed, background info on partnership, executives
  • document Sega Amusements International and Sega Enterprises USA corporate history
  • more Sega Prize Zone and Sega Active Zone
  • add to ongoing AM5, Amusement Theme Park, mid-size/large attraction coverage
  • history on more big venues - Tokyo Joypolis, Ikebukuro GiGO, Sega World Sydney, GameWorks Seattle/Las Vegas
  • Sega venues in far-flung corners - Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil, Canada
  • smaller facets of amusement operations (early rented Hi-Tech Segas, Love & Berry/Mushiking stores, weird stuff)
  • flesh out history and bust myths - Saturn processing confusion, downplay SOJ/SOA/SOE schisms, other things
  • mirror kukun kun once i have more time god help me










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