World Sports Grille

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World Sports Grille
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Opened: 2008?
Closed: 2013

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World Sports Grille was a sports-themed restaurant opened by Sega Entertainment USA. The location was previously a GameWorks. Roughly two-thirds of the venue was dedicated to dining, while the remaining third continued to operate as an arcade.

SEGA retained operation of the World Sports Grille after GameWorks' 2011 sale. Having received mixed reviews from food critics the venue closed in 2013. Sega had originally planned to open more World Sports Grilles across the US, though these never materialized (however, an independently run(?) World Sports Grille has since opened in Seattle, Washington).

This was not the first time Sega had attempted to enter the catering business - the concept dates back to at least 1980 with the opening of P.J. Pizzazz.