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GameWorks Las Vegas at Town Square
Location: #171, Town Square, 6587 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, United States
Opened: 2014-08[1]
Closed: 2021-12-24[2]

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GameWorks Las Vegas at Town Square was a GameWorks entertainment center operated by Sega Entertainment USA in Las Vegas, Nevada as a continuation of the closed GameWorks Las Vegas.


Following the 2012 closure of GameWorks Las Vegas, a new venue was chosen which would not face the high rent prices of the Las Vegas Strip. Located only a few minutes down the road from the previous site, Las Vegas at Town Square was opened in the eponymous Town Square mall, this time with a more modest footprint and a focus towards the local market. As it was housed in the West of the mall, its sign was prominently displayed on the side of the building directly facing the 15 freeway, through which most tourists enter the city.

In December 2021, GameWorks went out of business and GameWorks Las Vegas at Town Square was permanently closed. The venue was left unoccupied for nearly a year before a new occupant, Velocity Esports, moved in the following October[3], retaining the location's focus on both arcade games and esports.


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