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Sega Station Kansas City
Location: Station Casino Kansas City, 3200 North Ameristar Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64161, United States
Opened: 1997-04[1]

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Sega Station Kansas City was a Sega Station indoor arcade venue operated by Sega GameWorks[1] and located inside the Station Casino Kansas City hotel and casino.



Sega Station Kansas City was designed by Kiku Obata and Co., a design firm based St. Louis, Minnesota, and built inside a historic train station on the property of the Station Casino Kansas City hotel and casino. The team focused on creating a dynamic environment which simulates the fast-paced energy of arcade games, incorporating bright colors, moving lights, bold graphics and angular shapes into its design. The arcade was split into two areas separated by colorful garage doors. The first contained standard arcade games, while the second contained both tamer games intended for young children and redemption-based titles - where won tickets could be traded for prizes at the Redemption Center.[2]


While the casino has since been rebranded to Ameristar Casino Kansas City, the former Sega Station room is still used as an arcade, retaining much of its original livery and appearing under a new name: the Hi-Vi Arcade.

Production credits

  • Design: Kiku Obata & Co., St. Louis, MO
  • Design Team: Kiku Obata, Kevin Flynn, Anselmo Testa, Cliff Doucet, Nao Etsuki, Kathleen Robert, Arden Powell, Matt McInery
Entertainment Destinations, Martin M. Pegler

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