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Sega Arena Gifu
Location: 岐阜県本巣市政田字下西浦1939, Japan
Opened: 2005-12-23[1]
Closed: 2008-03-16[2]

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Sega Arena Gifu (セガ アリーナ 岐阜) is a former Sega Arena Venue. It was originally located in a mall and opened in 2005 before closing in 2008. The mall that once held the arcade was demolished sometime after 2014. An Aeon town was built in its place by 2017.


Name Branding Date
Sega Arena Gifu (セガアリーナ 岐阜) Sega Arena 2005-12-23[1]
Closed 2008-03-16[2]


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