Hiroshi Nakanishi

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Hiroshi Nakanishi
Place of birth: Kōchi, Japan
Date of birth: 1967[1] (age 54-55)
Employment history:
Role(s): Planner, Designer

Hiroshi Nakanishi (中西 寬) is a former Sega planner and designer. Among the Amusement Theme Park development personnel of Sega AM5 for several years, he is most notable for carrying out head planning on the flagship Tokyo Joypolis, as well as several successive openings.

Though not directly involved with Sega after 2000, he has since taken positions at several associated businesses, as well as establishing his own company, G&R Inc.


Born in Kōchi during 1967, Hiroshi Nakanishi's early career after graduating was largely spent at Cap Co., Ltd., a TV commercial production company.[2] Changing tack, he eventually joined Sega in 1994, becoming involved in the company's emerging Amusement Theme Park business through the Sega AM5 division responsible for development of both attractions and facilities.[2] Shortly after this Nakanishi received further experience working on a short-term assignment for Walt Disney Imagineering, at that time in the early stages of planning the DisneyQuest scheme that arose after a failed partnership with Sega.[2]

Using this experience, Nakanishi began work on his most significant project under Sega; Tokyo Joypolis.[2][3][4][5] Planning the total concept design of the facility, Nakanishi's standing was elevated by its flagship status, with him organising art exhibition events alongside the likes of MIT at the location[6] and receiving international credit in the following years.[2] Central planning work was also carried out by him on successor Joypolis parks Shinjuku Joypolis and Kyoto Joypolis; [7][8][9] Nakanishi's enthusiasm for these led to his description of them as "a breed of fantasy playground that is the entertainment of the future".[10][11]

With its theme park business in decline, gradual closures of some of the venues he planned, and no new openings since 1998's Umeda Joypolis, Nakanishi was transferred from Sega to a content division manager role at Isao in 2000.[2] Concurrent with this, he was appointed as one of TMS Entertainment's outside directors in 2001, before joining Marvelous Entertainment two years later, initially to plan animated television series' and then as a representative of its mobile content company.[2] More recently, Nakanishi has been focused on his own 2005 start-up, G&R Inc., which intends to provide various planning services.[2]

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