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System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Spectrum Holobyte
Developer: Sphere
Licensor: Chevrolet
Development timeframe: 1990-1991
Peripheral(s): TeleGenesis Modem

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Vette! is a racing game originally published by Spectrum Holobyte for the IBM PC in 1989. A version for the Sega Mega Drive was reportedly announced at Winter CES 1990, and would have made use of the TeleGenesis Modem add-on[1] (which itself was only released in Japan as the Mega Modem). It was still in development a year later, according to the February 1991 issue of Raze magazine.[2] The game was cancelled for reasons unknown.

As the name may suggest, Vette! is a racing game in which you drive a Chevrolet Corvette (C4) around an open-world depiction of San Francisco. It is considered by many to be a pioneering game, both in its use of 3D models to render its world, but also in its accurate representation of the city's layout, acting as a precursor to Grand Theft Auto III-style sandbox games that are common today.

Macintosh and PC-9801 ports were released in 1991 and 1993, respectively. No console ports were ever released (although an updated sequel was at one point planned for the PlayStation in 1996).

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