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This article is about the licensed Sega distributor in Poland. For Sega Mega Drive emulator, see AGES.
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AGES (distributor)
Founded: 1994-07-19
Headquarters: 16 Nowolipie Street, Warsaw, Poland (old address)
37A Grzybowska Street, Warsaw, Poland (new address)

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AGES s.c is a multi-branch store,[1]which was for a short time the Sega distributor in Poland.

The company was created by Marek Jutkiewicz who was founder of Bobmark International in 1994 to distribute Sega products in the future. AGES relieved Bobmark of some of its distribution responsibilities by importing and distributing Sega games and consoles as well as Pegasus games. Bobmark was to be their main reseller.

Seeing, however, that AGES failed to sell Sega products as well as intended, in the 1996 Bobmark took over the entire distribution function[2]. AGES has become a business store. It functions to this day as a multi-branch shop in Warsaw.