Bobmark International

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Bobmark International
Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Poland

A company in Poland operating from 1991.It was mainly known for the Pegasus console release.


After reforms in Poland in 1989, people set up various businesses. Marek Jutkiewicz started importing cheap clothing from Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. During one of his stays in Taiwan and looking for a cheap supply of trousers, Jutkiewicz encountered a counterfeit Famicom. He spent a week with the console and saw the potential in the console. The sooner he returned to the country.

An investor was needed to create an import company. The savior turned out to be Dariusz Wojdyga, a college friend. Wojdyga came up with the name Pegasus. They started ordering from the Taiwanese console and selling it in the country. To avoid paying more taxes, one of the co-founders of Bobmark was Dane. In 1992, the sale of Pegasus MT-777dx began. The console quickly became a hit.[1]

Bobmark offer in 1995

Golden years

Consoles of the newly founded company began to sell quickly. In addition, the company ran a car workshop where it sold and repaired parts of American cars. In 1993, the company released the Game Boy clone named Pegasus Game Boy. Hoop company was also created to deal with the sale of drinks. However, in addition to drinks, in 1993 it released a new console called the Super Pegasus MT-888dx which was a famiclone modeled on the Super Nintendo.


In 1994, the company saw a change in the law that showed the issuance of illegal consoles and games.The company acquired licenses to sell games on Pegasus from companies such as Sachen that illegally created the same games on NES. The most successful cooperation was with Codemasters. The company ceased selling illegal cartridges but at the fairs and in stores it was possible to still get illegal cartridges. Another problem for Pegasus was the competition of other famiclones which were much cheaper. Everyone could buy them in stores or at the fair. They were Terminator 2, Famiclone Action Set, Hunter, Thompsonic 3500/3600 and many more. In 1995, the company also signed cooperation with Warner Interactive Entertainment to sell their games on PC and Ocean for some of their console games. Company also decided to get along with Sega. The Ages company was created.In end of 1994, sales of Sega consoles began[2].Seeing the small interest in the Sega consoles, Bobmark probably with the consent of Sega released Power Pegasus which was a clone of Sega Mega Drive [3]. However, it was not successful.


On March 1, 1996, Sega Saturn was released[4]. The console, despite the large advertisement, was not that popular as Playstation. In end of 1997,the company ceased cooperation with Sega.The founders today run the Hoop company known for their refreshing drinks.After 1998, Bobmark was one of Hoop's helpers, but it is not known if it still exists