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Master System version

Lives underflow in 2 player mode

On the main menu, select the 'configuration' option and start a 2 player game. Play through the first level until you locate a fan in a pit, and drop onto it 3 times in a row to get a 'game over' for player one. Note that unlike any other form of death, dying on a fan does not switch control to the other player until all lives are lost. Repeat the process for player 2, dropping onto the fan 3 times in a row to get another 'game over' and return to the title screen.

Once again go to 'configuration' and this time 'continue'. You will restart the game as player 2 with 0 lives left. If player 2 dies in this state, the lives counter will roll over to 255 giving you a much better chance of finishing the game.

The bug can also be triggered for player one by losing a life in the normal way by taking damage, which will switch control over to player 2. Player 2 now loses 3 lives in a row on the fan, then player 1 should lose their remaining lives on a fan to roll the lives counter over to zero when the game is continued.[1].

Not fixed in any version.

Start with ammo in a new game

When you start a game for the first time, the player starts with no ammo for any weapon. When you lose lives or continue a game from the options screen, you keep ammo from your previous attempts. But also, if you lose all lives and all continues, then start a brand new game, you still retain ammo from your previous attempt.[1].

Not fixed in any version.


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