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Localisation comparisons

Game Gear version

Alien3 GG JP Sega.png

JP version

Alien3 GG US Sega.png

US/EU versions

The Western versions include a ™ symbol next to the Sega logo.

Version comparisons

Title screen

Alien 3 MD Title.png

Mega Drive

Alien3 SMS Title.png

Master System

Alien3 GG Title.png

Game Gear

Get ready

Alien3 MD GetReady.png

Mega Drive

Alien3 SMS GetReady.png

Master System

Alien3 GG GetReady.png

Game Gear

Level 1 start

Alien3 MD Level1Start.png

Mega Drive

Alien3 SMS Level1Start.png

Master System

Alien3 GG Level1Start.png

Game Gear


Alien 3

Alien 3 MD Title.png

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