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Arcade Smash Hits
System(s): Sega Master System
Publisher: Virgin Games
Licensor: Atari Corporation
Developer(s) of original games: Atari, Inc.
Game total: 3
Genre: Compilation, Action[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
Sega Master System
£32.9932.99[5] 27032-50
Sega Master System

Arcade Smash Hits is a compilation of three arcade games developed by Atari. It was released for the Sega Master System in 1992, and contains ported versions of Centipede, Breakout, and Missile Command, each with graphical and audio updates. The compilation was only released in Europe.


Before starting any game, the player can choose the number of players (1 or 2) and the starting number of lives (4 or 7). Two-player games are played taking turns and sharing the same control pad.

Arcade Smash Hits SMS, Games, Centipede.png

The player controls a spaceship that must destroy a centipede made up of several ball-shaped pieces crawling down from the top of the screen. The spaceship can move anywhere horizontally but only within a limited area vertically. The player shoots with 1, which can be held down for rapid-fire, but only one bullet can be on-screen at a time. Every time a piece of the centipede is destroyed, the centipede is broken at the destroyed piece, with each new piece moving independently. Mushrooms are scattered around the field as obstacles that impede the movement of the centipede as well as the player's fire. If they are shot, they become weaker and weaker until destroyed. The centipede changes direction if it runs into a mushroom or the border of the playfield. If the centipedes reach the bottom of the screen, they start climbing back up.

Spiders occasionally appear. The player loses a life and the centipede reforms if the spaceship is hit by either a centipede or a spider. The spider can be destroyed for bonus points.

Arcade Smash Hits SMS, Games, Breakout.png

The player controls a paddle that can move with Left or Right. The paddle moves faster by holding 2. At the start of the level, the player must launch a ball from the paddle with 1. The ball bounces around the playfield, and the player must use the paddle to intercept it and bounce it towards the bricks on the top of the screen. The ball destroys bricks by hitting them. Some bricks require multiple hits to destroy. The goal of each level is to clear the playfield of bricks. Failing to catch a ball costs a life.

Arcade Smash Hits SMS, Games, Missile Command.png

Missile Command
The player controls a targeting crosshair that aims missiles from three turrets at the bottom of the screen. Enemy missiles slowly fall from the sky, and the player must target them using the cursor and shoot them down with 1. Targets must be lead somewhat to compensate for the travel time of the missiles. The player can switch the active turret with 2; the active turret blinks green. Each turret has ten missiles. Missiles launched from the center turret travel more quickly than missiles launched from the others. The player's missiles explode upon reaching the crosshair, leaving a fireball that persists for several seconds and destroys any enemy missiles that enter it.

The player has six cities that must be defended. Enemy missiles can hit a city or a turret. A level ends when all of the enemy's missiles are destroyed or hit their targets. The player is awarded points based on how many cities were successfully defended, how many enemy targets were shot down, and how many missiles are remaining at the end of the level.

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in Computer & Video Games (UK) #132: "November 1992" (1992-10-15)
Print advert in Mega Force (FR) #10: "Octobre 1992" (1992-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Mega Force (ES) #6: "Octubre 1992" (1992-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Mega Force (ES) #11: "Marzo 1993" (1993-xx-xx)
also published in:

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Arcade Smash Hits

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Technical information

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System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Master System
CRC32 e4163163
MD5 c74e0be13dc3fbd085fb9a1ebd6e6afc
SHA-1 44ed3aeaa4c8a627b88c099b184ca99710fac0ad
256kB Cartridge (EU)


Arcade Smash Hits

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