Bi Ryojon Collection Vol. 3

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Bi Ryojon Collection Vol. 3
System(s): Sega Mega LD
Publisher: Planet
Developer: WiZ
Licensor: Wani Books
Genre: Electronic Publishing
Number of players: 1
Peripheral(s): 3D Goggle

Bi Ryojon Collection Vol. 3 (美リュージョンコレクションVol.3, Pretty Illusion Collection Vol. 3) is a cancelled Sega Mega LD adult slideshow[1], slated to be developed by WiZ and published by Planet. As the previous two volumes were published on both Sega Mega LD and NEC LD-ROM² formats, it is assumed the third would have been as well, as well as utilizing the 3D Goggle peripheral.

Vol. 12 of the Pioneer LaserActive promotional magazine LA Express teased a third entry in the series[2], but ultimately the game never materialized.



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