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System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Sega
Peripherals supported: Team Player, 4 Way Play
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
ESRB: Kids to Adults

Bouncers is a Sega Mega-CD action game. It was only released in North America.


Bouncers, Map.png


Bouncers is a one-on-one basketball game where the players play as anthropomorphic basketballs and try to dunk themselves into hoops to score points. They cannot jump high enough to reach the hoops, so they have to jump off each other. Similar to conventional basketball, most baskets are worth two points, but any basket made from a jump at mid-court or further is worth three points. Matches are broken into four quarters. Characters are moved with Left and Right and jump with A. They kick opponents with B (if on the ground and close enough). Special power-ups and "power-downs" float by during the match. Some power-ups have special abilities that are used with C.

The game can be played by one or two players. In the game options, players can choose between the Challenge mode, which is used for single games on any court, and the Tournament mode, which sets up a best-of-five tournament on random courts. Players can choose between short or long quarters (1 or 2 minutes). Players can also choose between Arcade, Standard, and Expert physics, which range from unrealistic but with a high degree of control to more realistic but with no mid-air control.


All characters play identically, though different characters are associated with different difficulty levels when playing against the AI. In single-player games, the player chooses the opponent. Each character has a short, CG-rendered introductory cartoon.

Bouncers, Characters.png
Bouncers, Characters.png
Martial arts expert
Bouncers, Characters.png
Military officer
Bouncers, Characters.png
Bouncers, Characters.png
Precocious kid
Bouncers, Characters.png
Bouncers, Characters.png
Alien creature
Bouncers, Characters.png
Rock star


Items float across the screen during the match. Most items are advantageous power-ups, but there are a couple of deleterious "power-downs." Opponents can be knocked into power-downs. Items can be toggled in the options.

Bouncers, Items.png
Lead Boots
Makes the character heavier, slowing movement and reducing jumps.
Bouncers, Items.png
Track Shoes
Makes the character faster.
Bouncers, Items.png
Allows the character to slam dunk himself with the C button when going through a hoop, causing the character to bounce hard against the ground and possibly score again.
Bouncers, Items.png
Allows the character to engage a parachute with the C button and float down in a controlled descent.
Bouncers, Items.png
Wing Shoes
Allows the character to fly around the screen using the D-Pad for a duration.
Bouncers, Items.png
Spring Shoes
Makes the character's next jump super high.
Bouncers, Items.png
Sticky Shoes
Makes the player bounce less (and therefore recover control quicker) after hitting the ground.
Bouncers, Items.png
Bonus Ball
Awards the player with instant points. Comes in two colors and awards more points for collecting the same color.
Bouncers, Items.png
Bat Bait
Only found on the Haunted Mansion court. Causes the bat to ignore the character if the bat has recently picked him up or to pick him up if the bat has been ignoring him.
Bouncers, Items.png
Only found on the Haunted Mansion court. Causes the character to float into the air for a duration or until the opposing character knocks him out of it.


Courts are one screen-length with no scrolling. Each has two or three hoops and various stage-specific gimmicks that affect gameplay.

Bouncers, Stage, Broken-Orbit Moon.png

Broken-Orbit Moon
Lunar surface. Three hoops attached to moving satellites. Lower gravity leads to floatier control.

Bouncers, Stage, Arctic Blast.png

Arctic Blast
Frozen mountain. Three hoops in the cliff. Arctic winds blow characters around. The ground is icy and slippery, but snow storms occasionally cover the ground in snow and make it less icy until it melts.

Bouncers, Stage, Wild Tropics.png

Wild Tropics
Tropical island. Two hoops through the arms of the monkeys in the trees, plus additional hoops through the smoke rings billowed out from the volcano. Lagoon on the left side slows movement.

Bouncers, Stage, Haunted Mansion.png

Haunted Mansion
Spooky graveyard. Two hoops through the skeleton's rib cages. A bat swoops down to pick up characters who have been kicked by their opponents. This court contains two unique power-ups, Bat Bait and Hover.

Bouncers, Stage, Stormy Ruins.png

Stormy Ruins
Ancient ruins. Two hoops through the rings held by the statues. Thunderstorms blow characters around, and lightning can strike characters who bounce too high into the air, costing them any power-ups they may have.

Bouncers, Stage, Bouncer City Pro-Court.png

Bouncer City Pro-Court
Downtown basketball court. Two hoops through conventional basketball baskets. The hoops are mounted higher than any of the other courts.

Bouncers, Stage, Deep Sea Shipwreck.png

Deep Sea Shipwreck
Undersea shipwreck. Three hoops through the the mermaids' arms. Most of the court is submerged and has underwater physics. It is possible to skip along the surface of the water.

Production credits

  • Producer: Randy Thompson
  • Lead Designer: Rhett Anderson
  • Art Director: John Garvin
Game Credits
  • Original Design: Rhett Anderson, Dave Hensley
  • Sega Design: Rhett Anderson, John Garvin, Tim Midkiff, Randy Thompson
  • Programming: Randy Thompson, Rhett Anderson, Tim Midkiff
  • Art and Animation: John Garvin
  • Sound Effects and Music: Chris Stevens
  • Miscellaneous Art: Rob Kraft, Peter Lewis
  • QA Manager: James Domico
Cartoon Credits
  • Writing and Animation: John Garvin
  • Animblaster Technology: Randy Thompson
  • Talent Coordinator: Sher Alltucker
  • Voice Director: Ginny McSwain
  • Ugh's Voice: Mark Hamill
  • Snake's Voice: John Kassir
    • Music: Jan Paul Moorhead
    • SFX and Post: Ken Rogers
  • Fu's and Master Fo's Voices: Michael Bell
    • Music: Jan Paul Moorhead
    • SFX and Post: Ken Rogers
  • Tank's Voice: Michael Bell
    • Music: Christopher Stevens
    • SFX and Post: Ken Rogers
  • Zap's Voice: Michael Bell
  • Little Kid's Voice: John Kassir
    • Music: Tim Clarke
    • SFX and Post: Ken Rogers
  • Chip's Voice: Mark Hamill
  • Fish Voices: John Kassir
    • Music, SFX and Post: Christopher Stevens
  • Dash's Voice: Mark Hamill
  • Jake's Voice: John Kassir
  • Mick's Voice: Michael Bell
    • Music, SFX and Post: Christopher Stevens
  • Gog's Voice: John Kassir
    • Music: Jan Paul Moorhead
    • SFX and Post: Ken Rogers
  • Spike's Voice: John Kassir
  • Old Man's Voice: Mark Hamill
    • Music, SFX and Post: Christopher Stevens
    • Guitar: Joe Weber
In-game credits
Bouncers MCD credits.pdf

  • Manual Writing: Randy Thompson
  • Manual Layout: Shawn Bird
  • Executive Producer: Jeffrey Tunnell
US manual
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Technical information

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ROM dump status

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Sega Mega-CD
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