Chack'n Pop

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ChacknPop Title.png
Chack'n Pop
Publisher: Sega
System(s): SG-1000
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2 (alternating)
Release Date RRP Code
¥4,300 C-52
NT$? ?

Chack'n Pop (チャックン ポップ) is an arcade game developed by Taito which was subsequently ported to the SG-1000 in 1985. It follows a yellow creature named Chack'n who must traverse across several mazes blowing up monsters.

The SG-1000 version was notably the first Sega My Card game (by catalog number) to advertise compatibility with the Sega Mark III, which had been released within the same year. This version of the game includes extra cutscenes and a training level not seen in the arcade version.

Though Chack'n Pop was not a particularly successful game for Taito, it would go on to inspire the success of Bubble Bobble, which shares many of the same characters and devotes a stage to Chack'n Pop. Chack'n has also cameoed in numerous Taito games since, including Bubble Bobble, Fairyland Story, Parasol Stars, Puzzle Bobble (and sequels), Bubble Symphony, Bubble Memories and Arkanoid DS.

Curiously this SG-1000 version uses the katakana script for writing Chack'n Pop (チャックン ポップ) as opposed to the hiragana script used in almost every other version (ちゃっくんぽっぷ).

Physical scans

SG-1000, JP
CnP SG1000 JP Box.jpg
Chack'n Pop SG-1000 JP CardBack.jpgCnP SG1000 JP Card.jpg
Chack'n Pop SG-1000 JP Manual.pdf
SG-1000, TW

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