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Bubble Symphony
System(s): Sega Saturn
Publisher: Ving
Licensor: Taito
Original system(s): Taito F3 System
Sound driver: SCSP (1Track)
Genre: Action[1][2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥3,8003,800 T-19905G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Bubble Symphony (バブルシンフォニー) is an entry in the Bubble Bobble series of games. Originally released in Arcades (and sometimes known as Bubble Bobble 2 due to it being the second arcade release with Bubble Bobble-style gameplay), it was brought to the Sega Saturn in 1997. The Saturn version, however, was only released in Japan.


Bubble Symphony expands on the gameplay seen in Bubble Bobble by adding a pair of female dragons, Kululun and Cororon, to play as. Each dragon now has their own different attributes and can be selected by the user. It also includes branching routes and improved graphics/sound.

Production credits

  • Project Leader: Keppel Maekawa
  • Game Planner: Yoshitake Shirei, Keppel Maekawa
  • Software Design: Harumi. K, Meltycat!, K.Kuzukawa, Helper Natani
  • Map Creator: Taka. Furukawa, Yoshitake Shirei
  • Character Design: Turtle Mizukami, T. Ozaki, Koji?!, Yourychan
  • Dot Design Works: Akiyoshi Takada, Mari F, Natsuko Mochi, Shigeki Yamamoto, Ken, Yourychan, Indy. Chinkai
  • All Music Composed By & All Sound Produced By: Yasuko. Y -Zuntata-
  • Sound Effect: Babi -Zuntata-
  • Music Adviser: Tamayo.K -Zuntata-
  • Instruction Design: Mihoko Sudoh, Rintaroh Doi
  • Hardware Works: Katsumi Kaneoka, Hironobu Suzuki, Jun Sawaki
  • Special Thanks: Kyouji Shimamoto, Wolf Kato, Nara Shikao, Mal, Django. Shinchi
  • Special Thanks: All, VG Osaka, VG Tokyo, VG Kumagaya, Members, And You...
  • Presented by: Taito Corporation
Saturn's Staff:
  • Program: Takahiro Kuribayashi, Satoru Morikawa
  • Sound & Music: Jun Takemoto
  • Test Play: Minoru Kunii, Keiichi Takeda
  • Promotion & Manual: Shunsuke Ogasawara
  • President: Ryozo Sugawara
  • Programmed by: Ving Sapporo
  • Presented by: Ving
In-game credits (JP) [3]

Magazine articles

Main article: Bubble Symphony/Magazine articles.

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Bubble Symphony

Saturn, JP
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Technical information

Main article: Bubble Symphony/Technical information.

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
523,865,664 1997-10-07 CD-ROM (JP) T-19905G V1.001

Track list

1. Data track  
2. CD Warning message (0:08) 
Running time: 0:08

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Saturn (JP) Extra files
Folder / File Type Size description
BS_ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 107 About this game.
BS_BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 69 About original game
BS_CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 23 Copyright
OMAKE.TXT TXT 4,674 Tips and tricks of the game developed by Ving


Bubble Symphony

BubbleSymphony title.png

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