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Production credits

System 18 version

  • KOB
  • KAN
  • Programmer: MAM
  • Artist: Kyoshi Ieizumi (IEI)
  • MAE
  • Sound Designer: SZK
  • Programmer: STO
  • NAK
  • OKA
In-game high score table[1]

Roles are interpreted from the developers' other credits.

Developer mentions

The crowd in the Game Over screen contains a mix of illustrated characters and photos of real people. These may be photos of the developers, however they are unnamed. The letters J, POOH and K can be seen on some of the people's clothing.


System 18 version

Toyonaka Ozaki

  • Illustrated character portraits for 3 baseball teams (including the Hanshin Tigers).[2]


Clutch Hitter

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