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Toyonaka Ozaki
Employment history:
Role(s): Designer
Twitter: @ozaki_toyonaka

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Toyonaka Ozaki (尾崎 豊中), also known as Toyo Ozaki, was an art designer who worked at SEGA in the late 80's to early '90s. She is best known for designing the characters in Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. She is named after Toyonaka, a city in the Osaka Prefecture prefecture, which she is a native of. She is a fan of manga artist Hiroshi Motomiya.[1]


Toyonaka Ozaki wanted to work on video games because her younger brother owned a PC, on which she played games like Xanadu. Ozaki's first project after joining Sega was Chouon Senshi Borgman, which was a challenge, as she didn't actually know very much about computers and had preconceptions about how an anime-to-game's art development would work, being relegated to only contributing a single image.

Like Borgman, she made more minor contributions on Mega Drive, eventually becoming a major contributor to Super Hang-On and Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. For the latter, the series' fame enticed her to put in lots of overtime work, with the offer of overtime pay and becoming a "Phantasy Star Millionaire".

Briefly, Ozaki became involved with arcade games via Clutch Hitter. Of the game's 3 graphic designers, working on 240 players for 20 teams, she handled 3 teams, including the Hanshin Tigers. Afterwards, she returned to console development with background design for Golden Axe II.

Sourced from Relay Essay in Mega Drive Fan, written by Toyonaka Ozaki.[1]

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