Coconuts Japan

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CoconutsJapan logo.png
Coconuts Japan
Founded: 1983-03[1]
Defunct: 2002
T-series code: T-73
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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Coconuts Japan Entertainment Co., Ltd. (株式会社ココナッツジャパンエンターテイメント), commonly known as simply Coconuts Japan (ココナッツジャパン), was a Japanese video game developer and publisher which primarily specialized in pachinko games.


Founded in March 1983[1], Coconuts Japan quickly found success in their series of pachinko simulation games. The company would even establish a company mascot themed around this newfound forte: the anthropomorphic pachinko ball Pachio-kun.

Coconuts Japan halted game development in 2000 after poor software sales, and over the next two years attempted to remain in business by leveraging their various copyrights in licensing agreements. Ultimately, this endeavor was not enough to save the company, and Coconuts Japan formally declared bankruptcy in 2002.




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