Cosmic Carnage (prototype; 1994-09-06)

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Cosmic Carnage (prototype; 1994-09-06)
Prerelease of: Cosmic Carnage
System: Sega 32X
Build date: 1994-09-06
Source: CD-R disc
Found by: drx

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The 1994-09-06 build of Cosmic Carnage is a prototype build of Cosmic Carnage for the Sega 32X. It was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release.

This is a very early, two-player only build of the game, in which players select their character and parts, before fighting one round against each other. It identifies itself as Cosmic Carnage regardless of the system's region (and uses Cosmic Carnage's characters), though the ROM header is titled Virtual Fight.


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Region coding

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