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Cosmic Carnage/Cyber Brawl

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The NTSC-U and NTSC-J cartridges are identical, booting up as Cosmic Carnage or Cyber Brawl depending on the region of the console (see Cosmic Carnage/Region coding). To override this, hold X+B+Z when booting up the system, then press  START  when the introduction sequence appears. If played on a North American machine, this will turn the game into Cyber Brawl, and on a Japanese machine it will turn the game into Cosmic Carnage.

This code does not work on the PAL version of the game - it can only ever be Cosmic Carnage.

"Spectator mode"

On the character selection screen, hold A+B+C+X+Y+Z+ MODE  while selecting a character with  START . If performed correctly, the computer will take control of play.


Cosmic Carnage

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