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CosmicCarnage Title.png
Cosmic Carnage
System(s): Sega 32X
Sound driver: SMPS 68000
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega 32X
¥7,800 GM-4004
Sega 32X
$69.99More...[1] 84700
Sega 32X
£49.99More...[3] 84700-50
Sega 32X
?F 84700-50
Sega 32X
DM ? 84700-50
Sega 32X
?Ptas 84700-50
Sega 32X
R$? 151020
Sega 32X
? 84700

Cosmic Carnage, known in Japan as Cyber Brawl (サイバーブロール), is a 2D versus fighting game developed by Almanic and ALU and published by Sega exclusively for the Sega 32X in late 1994.


Light years away in a distant star system, in an intergalactic prison barge, four of the prisoners on the ship mutiny against their captors and escape, attacking the ship and destroying its controls and life support systems. The military crew onboard manage to bring the barge closer to safety, but all but one of the escape pods were destroyed in the destruction. Now the four prisoners and four soldiers must battle to use the last escape pod and escape to safety.


The goal of the game is to defeat all the other characters in as short a time period as possible. Depending on how quickly the game is completed, a different ending is shown, with the best possible ending having the character make it to the escape pod and escape the ensuing explosion of the barge.

The game uses two punch buttons (X normal, A fierce) and two kick buttons (Y normal, B fierce) on a six-button controller, with two buttons reserved for taunting the opponent and the use of some special moves (Z provoke 1, C provoke 2). On a three-button controller A, B and C, pressed at normal speed, are used for fierce punch, fierce kick and provoke 2 respectively; if the buttons are tapped quickly they will perform normal punch, normal kick and provoke 1. Similarly to Mortal Kombat, characters can be dismembered if they are hit on the winning round with any special move, although the game has no character-specific fatality animations.

While Cosmic Carange makes use of the 32X hardware to provide smooth sprite scaling and rotation, it is frequently unable to hit its target 30FPS refresh rate, slowing down considerably when too much action is on-screen.


There are eight playable characters in the game, divided into two groups, 'Military' (Soldiers overseas) and 'Renegade' (Fugitives overseas).

The military characters have the advantage of getting to select their armor before a battle begins, with three pieces of armor for their body, arms, and legs. Each armor piece comes in light and heavy variety, with the difference of either size of the part being the special move it can use. Armor can be destroyed if it receives enough damage, disabling the use of the special move attached to it for the rest of the round. The renegade characters do not have any armor, and do not lose their special moves no matter how much damage they take.

Before the game was released abroad as Cosmic Carnage, the game received one major change. The three human fighters were replaced with aliens. The Japanese and North American copies of the game are however, identical - region encoding forces Cosmic Carnage to boot in the US, however by holding X, B, Z and Start during the introduction, the contents of Cyber Brawl (i.e. the title screen and human characters) will be swapped in.


CosmicCarnage 32X Jake Portrait.png
CosmicCarnage 32X Cylic Portrait.png
Jake (ジェイク) / Cylic
Cylic is a redesigned version of Jake for the overseas version.
CosmicCarnage 32X Tyr-Karl Portrait.png
Karl (カール) / Tyr
CosmicCarnage 32X Naruto Portrait JP.png
CosmicCarnage 32X Naruto Portrait US-EU.png
Naruto (鳴門)
Naruto had his sprite redesigned overseas as well.
CosmicCarnage 32X Ray Portrait.png
CosmicCarnage 32X ZenaLan Portrait.png
Ray (レイ) / Zena-Lan
Zena-Lan is a redesigned version of Ray for the overseas version.


CosmicCarnage 32X Talmac-Bolt Portrait.png
Bolt (ボルト) / Talmac
Bolt is a tall humanoid with big razor claws.
Move list
Name Command Description
Gale Wall DownLeftPunch
Gale Wave RightLeftRightPunch
Pile Dragon RightDownRightPunch
Gale Arrow
CosmicCarnage 32X Deamon-Finisher Portrait.png
Finisher (フィニッシャー) / Deamon
Finisher is an humanoid creature that resembles a scorpion.
Move list
Name Command Description
Whirlwind Thrasher RightRightPunchKick
Hammerhead Whip LeftDownUpPunch
Rolling Claw close Punch
CosmicCarnage 32X Naja-Stere Portrait.png
Stere (ステア) / Naja
Stere has a snake head, human upper body and a bionic snake-like lower body.
Move list
Name Command Description
Back Whip
Winder Rush DownLeftPunch
Tail Squeeze close Kick
CosmicCarnage 32X Yug-Wishbone Portrait.png
Wishbone (ウィッシュボーン) / Yug
Wishbone is an humanoid that resembles a gorilla.
Move list
Name Command Description
Spinning Double Striker RightDownLeftPunchPunch
Blaze Hold DownRightPunch
Strangle Hold perform Blaze Hold, then
Wheel Press UpRightDownKick
Rolling Gangbuster LeftRightPunch


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Cosmic Carnage Cosmic Carnage
English (US) Cosmic Carnage Cosmic Carnage
Japanese サイバーブロール Cyber Brawl

Production credits

  • : Naoyuki Hayakawa, Masaki Ishikawa, Youji Iwashita, Tsutomu Ando, Yasuo Wakatuki, Noriyuki Tomiyama, Hikoshi Hashimoto, Hiromitsu Shioya, Hidetoshi Fujioka, Hiroshi Yokokura, Hiroyuki Ohtaka, Ryoichi Hasegawa
  • Special Thanks: Takashi Yoneda, Takashi Sorimachi, Ryusaku Matui, Noboru Kosuge, Kyohko Niyama, Keiichi Egawa, Hiroyuki Sakiyama, Fumiko Aoyagi, Norihiro Sekine, Hideki Youkaichiya
  • Programmed by: Almanic Corp.
  • : Takashi Shichijyo
Source: In-game credits [5]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

HobbyConsolas ES 043.pdfHobbyConsolas ES 043.pdf

Print advert in Hobby Consolas (ES) #43: "Abril 1995" (1995-xx-xx)


Physical scans

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Publication Score Source
47 More...[6]
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48 More...[7]
63 №318, p40
61 No results[8]
65 №26, p44
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78 №8, p16
38 More...[9]
77 №28, p13-16
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74 №64, p46/47
62 №41, p38/39
79 №56, p25
70 More...[14]
Sega 32X
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18 reviews

32X, US
CosmicCarnage 32X US Box Back.jpgCosmicCarnage 32X US Box Front.jpg
CosmicCarnage 32X US Cart.jpg
Cosmiccarnage 32x us manual.pdf
32X, EU
CosmicCarnage 32X EU Box Back.jpgCosmicCarnage 32X EU Box Spine.jpgCosmicCarnage 32X EU Box Front.jpg
CosmicCarnage 32X EU Cart.jpg
32X, JP
Cyberbrawl 32x jp backcover.jpgCyberbrawl MD JP BoxSpine.jpgCyberbrawl 32x jp frontcover.jpg
Cyberbrawl MD JP CartTop.jpg
Cyberbrawl MD JP Cart.jpg
Cyberbrawl 32x jp manual.pdf
32X, BR
CosmicCarnage 32X BR Box.jpg
CosmicCarnage 32X BR Cart.jpg
Cosmiccarnage 32x br manual.pdf
32X, Asia
CosmicCarnage 32X Asia Box Back.jpgNospine.pngCosmicCarnage 32X Asia Box Front.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega 32X
SHA-1 900E8ECDCC4460B4C4AF3873E1D6BC83DA4AEE99
3MB Cartridge (EU)
Sega 32X
CRC32 7C7BE6A2
MD5 32F3002A46A462735AA12CA856CB7652
SHA-1 9A563ED821B483148339561EBD2B876EFA58847B
3MB Cartridge (JP/US)


Cosmic Carnage
CosmicCarnage Title.png

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