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Ryoichi Hasegawa
Place of birth: Japan
Employment history:
Sega Enterprises (1992-11[1] – 1998-03[1])
Sega (2007-07[1] – 2012-01[1])
DeNA (2012 – )
Role(s): Localiser
Education: West Virginia University[1]
Twitter: @rio_hasegawa

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Ryoichi Hasegawa (長谷川 亮一) is a Japanese video game developer and former Sega of Japan overseas coordinator and domestic localizer.


Ryoichi Hasegawa has worked with various Sega titles from late 1992 to early 1998. He was also a lyricist for Daytona USA 2 alongside Fumio Ito as well as the Sega Saturn classic Burning Rangers for its menu theme, "We are Burning Rangers." For the latter game's overseas release he is credited as Talking Moon - an alias previously used by vocalists Curtis King, Jr. & Dana Calitri for the single release of NiGHTS' main theme, "Dreams Dreams" - despite being credited regularly in the original version. As such, Hasegawa is also credited for translating Tomoko Sasaki's lyrics for "Angels with Burning Hearts" and "I Just Smile."

Hasegawa then took a similar job at Sony Computer Entertainment and remained there until mid 2007, but later returned to Sega. He would remain with the company until early 2012, this time engaging in more executive roles such as a producer for the PSN & XBLA version of Crazy Taxi.

He is now a Localization Producer for DeNA Co., Ltd..

Production history



Song credits

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Burning Rangers (Japanese edition)

  • We are Burning Rangers — Words

Burning Rangers (Overseas edition)

  • Angels with Burning Hearts — Words
  • We are Burning Rangers — Words
  • I Just Smile — Words

Daytona USA 2

  • Battle on the Edge — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • Sling Shot — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • I Can Do It — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • Skyscraper Sequence — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • Battle on the Edge - Mitsuyoshi Ver. - — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • Sling Shot - Mitsuyoshi Ver. - — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • I Can Do It - Mitsuyoshi Ver. - — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)
  • Skyscraper Sequence - Mitsuyoshi Ver. - — Lyrics (with Fumio Ito)


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