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Studio: Ecofilmes, Astrolábio - Produção de Televisão, S.A., Valentim de Carvalho, MMM - Produtores Independentes S.A., Rádio e Televisão de Portugal
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 68
Original airdate: 1995-12-02[1][2] — 1997-03-22[3][4]
Original channel(s): RTP1
Running time: approx. 30 minutes
Language: Portuguese

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CyberMaster was a Portuguese, challenge-based television show focused exclusively on Sega Saturn and Sega Mega Drive video games[5], jointly produced by Ecofilmes, MMM - Produtores Independentes S.A.[6][7] (a Portuguese tv production company founded in 1994[8] and dissolved in 1998[8] by Portuguese journalist José Eduardo Soares Moniz[7] who is currently the Vice-President[8] of the Portuguese professional football club Sport Lisboa e Benfica and also the Director[8] of the club's own tv channel Benfica TV, he held in the past several positions[9] on the board of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal as well as the position of General Director[8] at Televisão Independente), Astrolábio - Produção de Televisão, S.A.[10][6] (later Astrolábio Comunicação e Imagem[11], a renowned Portuguese TV production house, working in many Portuguese television shows for many broadcasters, founded in 1988[11] and dissolved in 2016[12][13] as Astrolábio - World Wide News - Comunicação & Imagem, Lda[14]), Valentim de Carvalho[15][16][17] (a renowned Portuguese record label, recording studio, and tv and movie production company) and the Portuguese public service broadcasting organisation Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, that aired every Saturday mornings, from December 2, 1995 to March 22, 1997 on Portuguese television channel RTP1.

Recorded at the Valentim de Carvalho television studios[18][19], in Paço de Arcos (Oeiras, Lisbon) and co-hosted by Portuguese fashion models Gabriela Luís[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27] and Beto (Humberto[28][29][30][31][32][27]) in the roles of Princess Terra and her loyal cyborg Kronos and with João D'Ávila (stage name of Portuguese actor João António Trindade Lopes) appearing in pre-recorded inserts mocking players as the Evil CyberMaster and the commentaries of Portuguese voiceover legend José Coimbra (the voice of RTP and Portuguese radio Station RFM, he gave his voice to many Portuguese TV commercials of the time including many Sega commercials aired on Portuguese television) the show was based in challenges where game players would compete against one another.

Following a cyberpunk plot (a work of Portuguese journalist, television presenter, producer and scriptwriter Paulo Bastos[33][34], currently the host of the weekly TVI 24 science, technology and video gaming magazine programme "NXT - O próximo passo", he was the creator of "Cyber.Net"[35][36], in June 1995, the first Portuguese magazine dedicated to the Internet, which included one of the first, monthly digital publications of the World, called "[email protected]", distributed in CD-ROM[35]) in which, in the not too distant future, mankind was enslaved[15] by an evil being called CyberMaster (João D'Ávila) which transformed them in emontionless machines, a group of rebels (the audience and the game players) led by Princess Terra (Gabriela Luís) and her loyal cyborg Kronos (Beto), hidding in their top-secret base located in the undergrounds of the city of Lisbon, organized a video game contest once a week, to elect the best of four game players, which would serve in the elite army that would fight the evil CyberMaster, all of this under the encouraging war cry "Ar!"..."Ar!"..."Ar!"... ("Air!"... "Air!"... "Air!"... forced to live underground, freedom and fresh air were their motivation and ultimate goal).

Four game players, wearing black outfits with colored (Green,Yellow, Red and Blue) collars and cuffs competed under their chosen nicknames, in four preselected games with the two players with the best scores classifying for the final, competing on a fifth game, held in a special domelike area of the studio called "Arena do CyberMaster" ("CyberMaster's Arena").

The winners of the contest were rewarded with a Sega Saturn and the rest of the participants received a Sega Mega Drive II as a consolation prize during which time Princess Terra, following the plot of the show, would say farewell to the defeated players, wishing them good luck and warning them, with her deepest sorrow that once they left the base, she could no longer protect them from the claws of the evil CyberMaster, which would easily spot and hunt them, and offering them a Sega Mega Drive II for their protection was the best she could do for them.

In the second season of the show, after the departure of Portuguese actor João D'Ávila (CyberMaster) who was replaced in the role by Portuguese actor António Montez[37], and co-host Beto (Kronos the cyborg), replaced by Portuguese fashion model Bruno Reis playing a cyborg whose sole purpose was to entertain the audiences, Portuguese fashion model and businesswoman Karina Barbosa[38][39][40][41][42][27][43] (Ana Karina Barbosa Garcia de Carvalho[44]), currently CEO[45][46] of Angolan Modeling agency "STEP Models" which she founded in 2001, was hired to co-host the show in the role of a female cyborg (married[47] with Angolan rapper Emanuel de Carvalho Nguenohame a.k.a. Big Nelo Karina was born[48][49] in Alcântara, Lisbon, Portugal to Bissau-Guinean[48] parents on June 12, 1972[44] and has a degree in Public Relations and Advertising which later paved the way for her successful career in the entertainment industry and as the first runner-up[50] of Portugal's first "Elite Model Look of the Year"[46] competition in 1993[48], Karina started a successful career as a model[48][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59][60] in Portugal, that earned her the title of "The Portuguese Naomi"[61][62], and later led her to the small screen[63][64] as the host[46] of a weekly African music TV Show called "Made in África"[65] for the Portuguese national TV channel, RTP1 and to other acting jobs in Portuguese tv shows such as, the sitcom "As Lições do Tonecas" and the sketch comedy show "Herman Enciclopédia", after[49] her debut on TV in the show CyberMaster).

The black outfits used by the contestants were also changed for colored sleeveless jackets featuring the new RTP1 logo introduced on Monday April 29, 1996 (On September 17, 1990, RTP1 was renamed to RTP Canal 1[66] and had a logo that consisted of a permanent, opaque and coloured DOG which was stylized as "C·1" and was stamped on the black outfits), and short Sega video game previews were screened between challenges.


Episode Video Name Date Airtime Description

Production credits

First Season

  • Presented by: Gabriela Luís (Princess Terra), Beto (Kronos the Cyborg) and João D'Ávila (CyberMaster)
  • Coordinator: Christophe Lagoutte
  • Scriptwriter: Paulo Bastos
  • Stage Director: Maria Tello
  • Assistant Producers: Sandra Pereira, Carla Baptista[67][68] (Valentim de Carvalho; uncredited), Pedro Pereira Dias (Valentim de Carvalho; uncredited)
  • Costume Designer: Filipe Faísca[69]
  • Makeup Artist: Sílvia Aguiar
  • Voiceover: José Coimbra (uncredited)
  • Camera Operators: Rui Pereira, Hernâni Alves, João E. Rodrigues, Miguel Pite, Filipe Batista, Paulo Jorge[70]
  • Stage Assistant Managers: Jorge Ramos, Nuno Santos
  • Assistant Director: Henrique Vieira
  • Electrician: Sérgio Sperandio
  • Sound Technicians: Luís Ruídos, Rafael Baptista
  • Lighting Technicians: José Estevão, Vasco Taborda
  • Director of Photography: João Daniel
  • Technical Manager: Pedro Canavilhas[71]
  • Post-Production Executive: Miguel Figueiredo
  • Opening by: Papuas, Lda
  • Annotator: Joana Lucena
  • Scenography by: Roqui
  • Produced by: Maria João Araújo, Liliane Borges
  • Directed by: Bruno Niel (Bruno Niel Costa)
  • Technical Production: Astrolábio - Produção de Televisão, S.A.
CyberMaster's closing credits

Second Season

  • Presented by: Gabriela Luís (Princess Terra)
  • Cyborgs: Bruno Reis, Karina Barbosa
  • CyberMaster: António Montez
  • Scriptwriters: Paulo Bastos, Fernando Firmino, Luis Neves, Luis Pereiro
  • Scenography by: Loual (Loual - Decoração, Projectos, Execução e Montagem Cenográficas, Lda)
  • Masks by : Francisco de Almeida
  • Costume Designer: Manuel Potes[72][73]
  • Makeup Artist: Manuela Quinas
  • Voiceover: José Coimbra
  • Camera Operators: Carlos Alberto, Gonçalo Garnel, Miguel Estudante, Pedro Abreu
  • Mixing: Alexandra Santos, Salvador Lino
  • Image Management: Rui Soares
  • Lighting Technicians: António Sousa, Fernando Afonso
  • Sound Technician: José Alves
  • Graphics by: Paulo Pinto
  • Video Post Production: Nuno Garcia, Vasco Mota
  • Sound Post Production: Fernando Paulo, Artur David
  • Operations Manager: Miguel Gonçalves
CyberMaster's closing credits

Promotional material


A young Portuguese contestant holds a Virtua Gun while playing Virtua Cop during a challenge of the first season of the Portuguese television show "CyberMaster"
CyberMaster PT Video (1996, first season; translation in English[74] at
CyberMaster PT Video (1997, second season)
Video Placeholder.svg
CyberMaster PT Video (1997, second season)
Video Placeholder.svg
CyberMaster PT Video (1997, second season)

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