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Peligrosamente Real
Publisher: VHS, PT: Ecofilmes
Running time: 16 min.
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Peligrosamente Real (in Portuguese Perigosamente Real / Dangerously Real) is a VHS cassette promoting the Sega Saturn. It was released in Spain, bundled with Hobby Consolas magazine (issue #49), and Portugal.

Peligrosamente Real recycles footage from both US and UK promotional Sega Saturn material (and curiously some from the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega-CD and Sega 32X days), though dubs things into Spanish and is edited differently. A good chunk of the video is devoted to the Saturn's hardware, at one point even comparing the technical specifications to that of the Sony PlayStation in an attempt to justify superiority. Time is also spent talking about the Video CD Card and Audio CD compatibility.

Featured games

Games featured in the video include European Sega-published titles from 1995.

There is also footage of Virtua Cop and Sega Rally Championship. Pebble Beach Golf Links, Myst, Shinobi X, Clockwork Knight 2, Virtual Hydlide, Robotica: Cybernation Revolt, Cyber Speedway, The Mansion of Hidden Souls, NBA Action are also mentioned.

Physical scans

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