Cyber Sled

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Cyber Sled
Publisher: Namco
Planned release date: 1995-07, 1995-10[1], 1995-11[2], 1996
System(s): Sega Saturn
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up
Number of players: 1

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Cyber Sled is an 3D arcade game released by Namco in 1993. A Sega Saturn version was announced in May 1995[3], but did not materialise.

While the specifics are unclear, the cancellation of the Saturn Cyber Sled was likely due in part to Namco's close relationship with Sony and its PlayStation console (although rumours circulated that difficulties developing for the hardware may have been a factor, with the lead programmer being poached by Shiny Entertainment[4]).

Talk of the game remerged in Spring 1996 as Cyber Sled Remix, said to be in development by Namco Hometek. This version would have had an enhanced single player experience and more characters to play asMore...[5].

Namco did not release any Saturn games throughout the console's run - following the success of PlayStation launch title Ridge Racer, it appears the company chose to abandon all non-PlayStation projects.

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