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DMA Design
Founded: 1986
Merged into: Rockstar (1999)
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

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DMA Design, Ltd. was a British video game development company founded in 1986[1] in Dundee, Scotland by Scottish programmer David Scott Jones, who was joined[2] by former classmates Michael "Mike" Dailly, Russel Kay and Steve Hammond.

In its early years the company focused in the development of games for the Amiga, Atari ST and Commodore 64 home computers, developing successful titles, such as Menace in 1988, Blood Money in 1989 and Lemmings in 1991, which was an international success and was later ported to numerous other platforms, including Sega's Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear consoles.

In 1997[1], after releasing Grand Theft Auto, DMA Design, Ltd. was acquired by Gremlin Interactive and following the release of Grand Theft Auto 2 Gremlin Interactive was acquired by Infogrames and DMA Design was sold to Take-Two Interactive, becoming Rockstar North in 2002.

DMA Design, Ltd. had for some time a North American division called DMA Design Inc.[3] which was based in Boulder, Colorado.


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