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Clean pause

When paused, press X+Y+Z to hide the pause menu. It can be reinstated by pressing any button.

Unlock Daytona car

On the main menu, press HOLD X+Y+Z+RC.

Unlock Uma

After unlocking Daytona above, on the main menu, press HOLD X+Z+LC.

Unlock Uma 2

After unlocking Daytona and Uma above, on the main menu, press HOLD Y+Z+L+RC.

Mirror mode

DaytonaUSACCE Saturn MirrorMode.png

Hold X+Y+Z when selecting a track. This will enable mirror mode, where the race will be in reverse.

Three-Seven Speedway slot machine


You Just Lost Your Sponsors

DaytonaUSACCE Saturn LostSponsors.png

In Dinosaur Canyon, take the first left from the starting position and persue the road backwards. The road bends to the right and leads to a dead end, where the player will be greeted with a sign that reads "CONGRATULATIONS You Just Lost Your Sponsors!".

Upside-down Jeffry

DaytonaUSACCE Saturn JeffryBackwards.png

Jeffry Mcwild from Virtua Fighter appears as a statue in Sea-Side Street Galaxy. Travel in the wrong direction and he'll appear upside-down.

Make Jeffry dance


If the player comes to a stop nearby and repeatedly presses X, Jeffry will breakdance (or at least, spin on the spot and flip upside-down).


Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

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