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Extra views


There are four special "views" to go along with the four advertised. Pressing views 1 and 2 puts the camera behind the front left wheel, while 2 and 3 puts it behind the front right one. Pressing the view 2 button while already in view 2 will switch to a cockpit view. If the user holds the first three view buttons and then presses view 4, the game will switch to a top-down camera, just like in Daytona USA.

Swap singers


If the user holds Select while waiting for a race to begin during the "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINE" screen, the music's main singer will change to whichever one isn't set as the current by the arcade operator; so if Dennis St. James is set to sing during the races, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi will replace him for the race and vice-versa.

Time attack


A time attack mode can be activated by holding Select and pressing the accelerator at the transmission select screen.

Reverse tracks


Reverse tracks can be initiated by holding Select and pressing the accelerator at the circuit select screen. This change allows the user to see parts of the scenery designed specifically to be seen from the opposite direction.


Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge
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