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Production credits

In-game credits
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine MD credits.pdf


Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
02 Menu and high score table Yes
03 Dr. Robotnik pre-fight cutscene Yes
04 Danger mode Yes
05 Stages 1-4 Yes Masayuki Nagao has said this song is typical of his work. It resembles the Match Up music from one of his later soundtracks, Space Invaders Evolution.[3]
06 Stage 13 Yes
07 Stages 9-12 Yes
08 Stage 13 clear Yes
09 Game over Yes
0A Character parade Yes
0B Staff credits Yes
0E Password screen Yes
11 Practice stage Yes
12 Vs. mode Yes
13 Stages 5-8 Yes
16 Stages 9-12 introduction Yes
17 Stages 1-4 introduction Yes
18 Stages 5-8 introduction Yes
19 Stage clear Yes
1A Theme of Mean Bean Machine Yes
01 Stages 9-12 alternate No
0C Stage clear No From Puyo Puyo.
0F Brave No From Puyo Puyo.
10 Theme No From Puyo Puyo.
14 Stage 13 critical No
15 Strange cheering and whooshing sound Yes


Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

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