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Saturn version

Clean pause

When paused, press X+Y+Z to hide the 1P/2P PAUSE text.


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Pepsiman is exclusive to the Japanese Saturn version of Fighting Vipers. If at any point during arcade mode, the player puts down their controller at the start of a round and allows the opponent to beat him/her without fighting back, Pepsiman will challenge the player shortly before a K.O.. Defeat Pepsiman and he will become selectable, as will a "Pepsiman reset" option to make him unlockable again.

Pepsiman replaces the character you are currently fighting, making it possible to finish arcade mode without having to fight every character. It also means harder fights against characters such as Mahler or B.M. can be substituted for the comparatively easier Pepsiman opponent.

Pepsiman was removed from international versions of the Saturn game and is not found in the arcade version.


Fighting Vipers

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