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Mega Drive version


GarfieldCitA MD Heather.png
When paused, press LeftCDownUpBRight. This will max out Garfield's health, lives and projectiles, and cause the text "HEATHER" to appear when the game is paused. Pausing three times after this will cause the game to reset.

It is not known who "Heather" is, although Heather Meigs worked on the game as a tester and so might have used this code during development.

99 projectiles

When paused, press CDownBLeftAUp.

Extra life

When paused, press UpDownBARightC

Refil health

When paused, press RightRightLeftLeftDownUp

Temporary invincibility

When paused, press RightRightLeftLeftDownUpStart. This will cause Garfield to flicker for a while.

Skip level

When paused, press ACUpDownUpRightStart. The next level (or next part of the current level) will be loaded in.

Free movement

GarfieldCitA MD FreeMovement.png
When paused, press ARightCCBUpStart. Garfield's collision will be turned off, and his X and Y positions can be freely manipulated by the D-Pad. While you can still collect items, the face buttons do nothing in this mode, so the code must be entered again if you want to legitimately finish levels.


When paused, press DownUpABUpRight. Like the other cheats, a laughter sound will play, but the effects are not known.


When paused, press LeftAABCDown. Like the other cheats, a laughter sound will play, but the effects are not known.

Game Gear version

PC version


Garfield: Caught in the Act
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