Ge-Sen Love: Plus Pengo!

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Ge-Sen Love: Plus Pengo!
Publisher: Triangle Service
System(s): Sega RingEdge 2, Xbox 360
Genre: Compilation

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (RingEdge 2)
¥? DVR-0061
Arcade (RingEdge 2)
JP (Ver. B)
¥? DVR-0061B(?)

Xbox 360
¥6,800 JES1-00341
Xbox 360
JP (Genteiban)
¥8,800 JES1-00342
Xbox 360
JP (Download)

Ge-Sen Love: Plus Pengo! (ゲーセンラブ ~プラス ペンゴ!~) is a Sega RingEdge 2 arcade and Japanese Xbox 360 compilation. It contains four games; Actions skills test, Shooting skills test, CombatZeal and Pengo!. It is a sequel to Shooting Love. 2007.

Games included

  • Pengo!
Semi-competitive faux-retro sequel to Pengo, featuring 8-player simultaneous gameplay (sadly only 4 player games are possible in the 360 port). Players compete for score, but are also able to kill one another - not only for points, but to prevent their opponents from scoring, as they wait to respawn. Gameplay is otherwise the same as traditional Pengo.
  • CombatZeal
Basic, yet solid caravan shooting-game, where the player's objective is the achieve the highest possible score within a time-limit.
  • Shooting Skills Test
Mini-game compilation, based on the CombatZeal engine. Objectives vary from dodging meteors, to juggling tin-cans in the air with a stream of gun-fire.
  • Action Skills Test
Yet another mini-game compilation, tasking the player to, among many other things, defeat enemies in traditional beat-em-up style, to breaking barrels, a la Street Fighter II, to trying to press a doorbell as many times as possible within a narrow time frame (literal button-mashing), before running away.

It's truly the pinnacle of gaming!

Physical scans

RingEdge 2 version

RingEdge 2, JP
Arcade Love Plus Pengo! RingEdge2 JP Disc.JPG

Xbox 360 version

Xbox 360, JP
GSLPP 360 JP Box.jpg
GessenLove+Pengo Disc1.png
Xbox 360, JP (Genteiban)
GessenLove+Pengo BoxArt.png
GessenLove+Pengo Disc1.png
GessenLove+Pengo Manual.png
GessenLove+Pengo Disc2.png
Bonus OST Disc‎
GessenLove+Pengo Insert.png
Soundtrack listing

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