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Clean pause

When paused, hold X+Y+Z to hide the character details.

Speed up text

Pressing R will speed up the text in dialogue boxes.

Extra DIP Switch options

GuardianHeroes Saturn US ExtraDIPSwitch.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US NextExpDisp.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US TestMode.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US EndingTest.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US StageSelect.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US Level200.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US Hitboxes.png

GuardianHeroes Saturn US Hitboxes2.png

This code is activated differently depending on version:

  • NTSC-J: On the options screen, highlight "DIP Switch" and hold A+Y+C
  • NTSC-U/PAL: On the options screen, highlight "DIP Switch" and press HOLD X+B+ZA Down.

If timed correctly, three extra options will appear in the DIP Switch menu: "Enemy Level Disp", "Next Exp Disp" and "Debug". The former two add meters to the HUD showing how much experience either the enemies or player is required to level up, while the latter opens up a number of debug options:

  • A new "test" menu in the options screen allowing you to view the ending cinematics.
  • A stage select screen will appear when starting a new story mode game.
  • You will start story mode with a level 200 character and be prompted to spend up to 200 points.
  • At any point during story mode:
    • HOLD R START  will skip forward one level.
    • HOLD R+A START  will skip forward two levels.
    • HOLD R+B START  will skip forward three levels.
    • HOLD R+C START  will skip forward four levels.
    • HOLD R+L START  will skip backward one level.
    • HOLD R+L+A START  will skip backward two levels.
    • HOLD R+L+B START  will skip backward three levels.
    • HOLD R+L+C START  will skip backward four levels.
  • During story mode gameplay, pausing, holding X+Y+Z and pressing buttons will have the following effects:
    • Up restores health.
    • Down decreases health.
  • All 45 characters will be unlocked in Versus Mode.
  • Visible hit boxes can be enabled by pausing the game, pressing L, then unpausing. Doing this again shows 3D versions, and a third time turns the feature off. The boxes colour coded:
    • Blue: Normal
    • Green: Defending
    • Red: Attacking


Guardian Heroes

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