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Israelites CD DE Box.jpg
Format(s): CD
Record label: Eurodance Music (DE), Xplosion (NL)
Artist: O.N.B. (One Note Better)
Composer: D. Dacres (Desmond Dacres), L. Kong (Leslie Kong), Peter Zeleznik (DD-Disk-Musik)
Arranger: Double Deee
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Compact Disc
Compact Disc

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Israelites is a 1996 maxi-single from German Euro house group O.N.B. It is a cover of the 1968 ska song by Desmond Dekker & The Aces.

Two specific CD release of the single were sponsored by Sega; One from a German label called "Eurodance Music" [1], and the other was licensed from "I.S.S. Records, Germany" for the Dutch label called "Xplosion"[2]. How or why this promotional collaboration came to be is currently unknown.

Despite the games have no meaningful connection to the song or the group performing it, the cover art for the single features Clockwork Knight materials and refrences in both releases.

In addition to the above, the official promotional music video for the song is made up of clips from the FMV footage of the first Clockwork Knight game (Mainly the opening and slight use of the final battle clip)[3].

The single was additionally mentioned on on page 12 of German language "Sega Magazin" 's 29th issue, where it is claimed that the video for the song was being regularly shown on both Viva TV Germany and MTV Germany. It also claims in error that some of the clips used in the video partially come from Clockwork Knight 2, but this can be put down to simple error, or not correctly fact checking.[4]

Track Listing

Eurodance Music version

1. Israelites (Radio Edit) (3:24) 
2. Israelites (Tribe-House-Mix) (5:34) 
3. Israelites (Real Mix) (4:42) 
4. Israelites (12" Live Mix) (4:27) 
5. Israelites (Hard Club Mix) (4:40) 
6. I'll Be There (Radio Edit) (3:32) 
7. I'll Be There (Dub Mix) (3:32) 
Running time: 29:51

Xplosion version

1. Israelites (Radio Edit) (3:24) 
2. Israelites (Hard Club Mix) (4:40) 
3. Israelites (12" Live Mix) (4:27) 
4. I'll Be There (Radio Mix) (3:32) 
Running time: 16:03

Physical scans

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Israelites CD NL Disc.jpg


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