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Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Mega Drive, 32X
OS: Java
Developer: Stephan Dittrich
Programmed in: Java
Last release date: (16 years ago)
Last version: 0.0.5

jEnesis is a Sega Mega Drive and 32X emulator programmed in Java by Stephan Dittrich. Its emulation is pretty good, although the YM2612 and DAC timings are a bit incorrect. The emulator takes around 5-10 seconds to start, but it runs pretty fast though.

Sega licensed the emulator for use on their in-browser gaming service PlaySEGA.[2]

jEnesisDS is a Nintendo DS port based on this emulator done by the same author, although most of the emulator has been rewritten and is now regarded as one of the best Mega Drive emulators for DS.


  • Everything written completely from scratch
  • Custom Java Motorola 68000 CPU core
  • VDP emulation with all DMA modes
  • Horizontal & Vertical Interrupts
  • Support for PAL/NTSC and all country codes
  • 100% pure Java Code
  • .smd, .bin & .zip support
  • .smd files can be saved to .bin format
  • SRAM save/load support
  • Line based renderer
  • Scroll Layers A+B & Window rendering with priorities
  • Sprite rendering with priorities & sprite limitation
  • Shadow/Highlight Mode - 1x-3x resolution
  • Filter - 6-Button Pad support
  • Visual M68000 & VDP debugger (slow down the emulator if activated)
  • Checksum autofix
  • Applet Version
  • YM2612 & SN76489 Emulation


Download.svg Download jEnesis
File: JEnesis v0.0.5.7z (683 kB) (info)
Current version: 0.0.5

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