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For the Dreamcast game, see Jet Set Radio.


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Jet Set Radio
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Publisher: Sega (Europe), THQ (US)
Distributor: Atari (Europe)
Peripherals supported: Game Link Cable
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Game Boy Advance
$29.9929.99 AGB-P-AJRE
ESRB: Everyone
Game Boy Advance
PEGI: 3+
Game Boy Advance
USK: 0

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Jet Set Radio for the Game Boy Advance is a watered-down version of Jet Set Radio, originally released for the Sega Dreamcast. It was developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Sega and THQ. As with the original, it is called Jet Grind Radio in the US.

The Game Boy Advance Jet Set Radio utilises the same engine used by Vicarious Visions for their conversions of games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, which provides a top-down isometric perspective using relative controls and simple 3D models representing the characters. Based on De La Jet Set Radio, environments were altered slightly to better suit the handheld's hardware and screen resolution. It also has two features not seen in any other version of the game; Professor K is a secret character in the game and is made available when certain conditions are met, and up to four player multiplayer is supported (which each player requiring their own system and game pak).


Two players attempt to tag the most graffiti spots in Turf Wars.

Up to four players, each with a game pak, can participate in multiple game modes. The amount of stages, characters and game modes available depends on the progress of the host player's game progress. A winner is declared once time runs out.

The game also allows players to pair in teams based on four different colors, yellow, blue, green and purple.

  • Throw Down - Knock over other players and spray their backs to earn points.
  • Tricky - Perform tricks and stunts through the environment.
  • Turf Wars - Tag designated areas with graffiti. This mode cannot be played in teams.
  • Killer Crush - Up to two players only. Race to a designated graffiti spot. Tag it to win the race.

Production credits

Vicarious Visions
  • CEO and Chief Creative Officer: Karthik Bala
  • VP of Product Development: Tobi Saulnier
  • Project Manager: Craig Derrek
  • Lead Designer and Artist: Rob Gallerani
  • Lead Programmer: Eric Caraszi
  • Programmer: Jan-Erik Steel
  • Artist/Animator: Brent Gibson
  • Additional Programming: Sunbir Gil, Brian Sox
  • Addtional Art/Animation: Travis Cameron, Yin Zhang
  • Soundtrack: Shin'en Multimedia
  • Testers: John Hutchison, Ellen Waggoneer, Peter Tassarotti, Joe Tassarotti, Andrew Hames
  • : Team Baisoku, Jesse Booth, Leo Zuniga, Sean Murphy
  • Product Development:
  • Executive Vice President - Worldwide Studios: Jack Sorensen
  • Vice President - Product Development: Philip Holt
  • Executive Producer: Jim Flaharty
  • Producer: Sean Dunn
  • Assistant Producer: Jesse Woodward
  • Marketing
    • Senior Vice President - Worldwide Marketing: Peter Dille
    • Group Marketing Manager: Alison Quirion
    • Associate Producer Marketing Manager: Heather Hall
    • Director of Public Relations: Liz Pieri
    • Public Relations Manager: Reilly Brennan
    • Associate Media Relations Manager: Erik Reynolds
    • Director, Creative Services: Howard Liebeskind
    • Senior Manager, Creative Services: Kathy Helgason
    • Associate Creative Services Manager: Melissa Roth
    • Manual Writer: Richard Dal Porto
    • Packaging Design: K+A, Inc.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Senior Tester: Brent Doshier
    • Testers: Marc Durrant, Derek Adams, Matthew Searer
    • 1st Party Submission Specialist: Evan Icenbice
    • 1st Party Testers: Adam Affrunti, Joe Lerman, Scott Ritchie
    • QA Technician: Mario Waibel
    • QA Database Adminstrator: Jason Roberts
    • QA Manager: Monica Vallejo
    • Director of Quality Assurance: Jeremy S. Barnes

  • Extra Special Thanks: Chris Ferriter, Shinobu Toyoda, Kathy Schoback, Judy Jette-Hansen
  • Special Thanks: Brian Farrell, Jeff Lapin, Alison lock, Germaine Gioia, Brandy Carrillo, Robert Riley, Christan Kenney, Ricardo Fisher, Gordon Madison, Jack Suzuki, Paul Rivas, Stacy Mendoza, Michael Greene


Due to limited cartridge space, the music was remixed by studio Shin'en Multimedia who were able to remix six of the songs into shorter loops with a limited sound set. None of the licensed songs were brought over.

Name Original Artist
Let Mom Sleep Hideki Naganuma
Humming the Baseline Hideki Naganuma
Sweet Soul Brother Hideki Naganuma
That's Enough Hideki Naganuma
Sneakman Hideki Naganuma
Everybody Jump Around Richard Jacques

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Jet Set Radio (Game Boy Advance)

Game Boy Advance, US
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Game Boy Advance, EU
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 ae4142b5
MD5 ff50e8973adf12604ca70e15acb108db
SHA-1 8f10e828dfe6387be8a1badb1104698c54163411
8MB Cartridge (US)
Game Boy Advance
CRC32 716dc010
MD5 7506c14af1c1e6b6e64a3ac393c4004d
SHA-1 4210e8a4225a076c01c39239941e2aff1c056f71
8MB Cartridge (EU)

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