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King Tec Information Co., Ltd. (光泰資訊股份有限公司), also known as Kin Tec Information Co., Ltd., and later as simply KINTEC, was a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer and unlicensed video game publisher which had a close relationship with developers Chuanpu and Never Ending Soft Team.[2]


In addition of publishing unlicensed video games, King Tec Information Corp. later manufactured and sold digital video recorders.[2]


Common with many unlicensed developers, King Tec Information Corp.'s name has appeared in a variety of styles.[2]

  • Kin Tec
  • Kin Tec Information Corp.
  • Kin Tec Information Co., Ltd.
  • King Tec
  • King Tec Co., Ltd.
  • King Tec Information Corp.
  • King Tec Information Co., Ltd.



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