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Korwin Hailey
Place of birth: Emporia[1], Lyon County, Kansas, United States
Date of birth: 1919-09-26[2][3]
Date of death: 1997-03-03[2][3] (age 77)
Company(ies): Service Games, Nevada
Role(s): Executive

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Korwin Eugene Hailey[4][5][6] (Emporia, September 26, 1919 – Las Vegas, March 3, 1997), was an American businessman who was the chief executive officer[7][8][9] of Service Games, Nevada.

Korwin was a United States Army Air Forces World War II veteran[10][11][12], where he served as a Central Fire Control[13] Gunner with the rank of Technical sergeant (service number : 39727369[14]), aboard the Boeing B-29 Superfortress heavy bomber, "City of Scotland Neck"[15][16] a.k.a. "Southern Drawl"[17] (Serial number: 44-69769[18], Type: B-29-60-BW[18], Tail code: Black Square P-14[19][20][17][21]; reclaimed at Kindley Air Force Base after the war where it was converted to WB-29 and assigned to the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, Tail code: Air Wea Serv, removed from inventory on February 3, 1954[22][23]), as a member of the Twentieth Air Force 39th Bomb Group (Very Heavy), 60th Squadron[21], Crew 14[15] (San Francisco, California).

Personal life

On April 26, 1961[24] Korwin Hailey (at the time with 41 years old) was arrested in Las Vegas on a complaint signed by license inspector Howard Crow, the senior license inspector[25][26] for Las Vegas at the time, on suspicion of participating in proceeds of gambling devices without a municipal gaming license.

Korwin, who was identified by the detectives as "the local representative[8][9] of an international slot machine organization called Service Games, which gets the major portion of its business by putting slot machines in overseas military posts" was later released on bail.


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